Difference between Modal and Lycra fabric

Nowadays, many people choose modal fabric when choosing underwear, because the underwear of this fabric is soft and elastic, and it is very comfortable to wear. However, there are many misunderstandings about this fabric. Many people think that modal is a name for cotton and Lycra. In fact, lycra and modal are two different fibers, each with its own advantages in fabric characteristics. Analyze the difference between the people, so that you can be targeted when you choose.

Modal common sense explanation

Modal is a cellulose regenerated fiber with high wet modulus developed by Lenzing in Austria. The raw material of the fiber is European beech wood, which is first made into wood pulp, and then processed into a special spinning process. fiber. The raw materials of the product are all natural materials, which are harmless to the human body and can be decomposed naturally, which is harmless to the environment. There is no pollution during the entire production process of the fiber.

The dry strength of modal fiber is close to polyester, and the wet strength is much higher than that of ordinary viscose. The gloss, softness, moisture absorption, dyeability and color fastness are all better than pure cotton products; the fabric made with it shows A silky luster, with pleasant soft touch and drape, and excellent durability.

Lycra common sense explanation

Lycra is a very fashionable vocabulary nowadays. It is a trademark registered by DuPont of the United States for its elastic fibers. In fact, Lycra is only a trade name of the former DuPont wholly-owned subsidiary-INVISTA (acquired by Koch Industries for US$4.4 billion in 2004). Because the company occupies an arbitrary position in the spandex field, Lycra has almost Become synonymous with all spandex yarns. It is a kind of man-made elastic fiber made of petroleum, which can be stretched 4-5 times freely, and after the external force is released, it will quickly return to its original length. It can be interwoven with any man-made fiber or natural fiber, but cannot be used alone.

Its appearance completely replaced the traditional elastic elastic cord. Lycra is almost an indispensable element in clothing with special requirements such as body-shaping underwear, gymnastics suits, and swimming suits. It can show your curves, and the colloid can stretch freely without feeling oppressive. Lycra is not only widely used in daily clothing, it is also a pet in the popular kaleidoscope made by fashion designers. Lycra was therefore called the magic fiber by people who were delighted.

After reading the above introduction, people may easily confuse the two. Let's compare the differences between the two below:

Same point:

1. Both can generally be blended with other fibers, such as cotton, linen, silk, etc., to improve the quality of these fabrics and keep the fabric soft and smooth.

2. Both have great elasticity, are not only comfortable to wear but also close to the body, and have a good self-cultivation effect.


1. Modal can be made into clothing alone, while Lycra must be blended with other fibers.

2. In view of the characteristics of the two, Modal is more suitable for underwear fabrics than Lycra because it is softer, breathable, close to the body and 100% natural.

3. Lycra is more flexible than Modal, which is why Lycra is not softer than Modal. Therefore, Lycra is used for body-sculpting underwear, gym suits, swimming suits and other clothing with strong body-sculpting properties.

After reading the above comparison, everyone should know that Modal and Lycra are originally two completely different fabrics, and they have nothing to do. Many people think that Modal is pure cotton and Lycra is completely wrong.

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