Apparel lining sales increased slightly in shock

Recently, the daily trading volume of long-fiber lining fabrics and waist bag fabrics in the China textile city market has fluctuated slightly compared with the previous period. The long-fiber woven linings are mainly made of polyester taffeta and light spinning (simulation silk). The daily sales of fabrics and waist bag fabrics with polyester FDY, DTY pongee and summer spun silk as the main products have risen slightly compared with the previous period. However, the overall market transaction growth is still limited. Due to insufficient demand, the transaction volume of lining cloth and waist bag cloth is still difficult to increase significantly.

In the recent market, the volume of long-fiber lining cloth and waist bag cloth fluctuated slightly compared with the previous period. The long-fiber woven lining cloth with polyester taffeta and light spinning (simulation silk) as the main products and FDY and DTY Waist pocket fabrics, with pongee and summer spinning as the leading products, have become one of the highlights of the market.

In the past few days, the mainstream varieties of linings are relatively popular locally, 63DFDY×63DFDY, 170T polyester taffeta, 63DFDY×63DFDY, 190T polyester taffeta, 63DFDY×63DFDY, 210T polyester taffeta, 50D bright FDY×50D bright FDY, 210T light spinning (simulation silk), 75D shiny FDY×100DDTY, 9 reeds, 25 shuttles and five shuttles, 75D shiny FDY×100DDTY, 11 reeds, 30 shuttles, five shuttles, 75D shiny FDY×100DDTY, 11 Reed 27 shuttle has eight satin satin, 75D shiny FDY×100DDTY, 12 reed 30 shuttle water-jet eight satin, 68DFDY×75DDTY, 19 reed 35 shuttle, 240T water-jet comfortable satin, 50D shiny FDY×75DDTY, 17 Reeds 5 through 36 shuttle water jet satin, 68D semi-gloss FDY×68D semi-gloss FDY, 17 reed 34 shuttle water jet beautiful silk and other fabrics are relatively popular locally. Buyers from some apparel manufacturers and foreign trade companies are concerned about the quality More reliable lining varieties were ordered in batches, and some large-scale business outlets were relatively smooth. So far, the transaction volume of linings has risen slightly from the previous period amidst fluctuations, and the price trend is basically stable. The spot listing of finished lining materials is still relatively abundant. With the slight increase in sales volume, some small and medium-sized business households have slightly reduced the inventory of grey fabrics on the road, but the large-scale operating stores still have a large inventory. The locality of polyester DTY black silk jacquard linings is relatively dynamic, and the price trend is basically stable. The transaction price of T/C polyester/cotton series lining is relatively stable, and the sales volume is still insufficient. Others such as cationic yarn-dyed strips, cationic corrugated strips, rayon comfortable silk, rayon beautiful silk, rayon plain silk, rayon twill silk, acetate silk, spring satin, matt satin, gold satin, and lining The sales of jacquard and jacquard linings also tended to sell well. The lining of nylon spinning also has certain sales volume. Due to the fall in the price of upstream nylon yarn, the actual transaction price has shown a slight downward trend. The demand for linings required for autumn suits, first-hand clothes, casual tops, and jackets has increased slightly, but most of them are mainly based on the delivery of orders from old customers of large-scale operating stores, and some have large-scale marketing networks for counterpart old customers. Spot subscriptions and order dispatching in operating outlets have been active for several days, but some small-scale operating accounts still show flat sales due to the limited marketing network of counterparts and old customers. The market volume of knitted warp-knitted mesh lining materials mainly used for casual wear and sportswear rebounded slightly.

In the recent market, Pongee, Xiafang and other waist bag fabrics with FDY and DTY as the main raw materials are still relatively abundant in spot listings, and spot subscriptions and order delivery in local operating stores are still active.

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